Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sleep - how to!

As we discussed in the last post, a good night's sleep can be critical for your physical and mental health.

But be careful.  This article from NPR talks about the dangers of using commonly prescribed sleep medication.  That stuff isn't good for you!  You don't need it.

Here's some advice from lifehacker on how to get better sleep without that stuff.  Just simple lifestyle changes.

And if you can't sleep longer, maybe you can sleep better.  Ninety minute increments is one key.

If you can't swing seven or so hours a night, you might get some of the same benefits with power napping.  Although its uncertain if that lends as much to your health as a good night's sleep.

If you're technologically oriented, there are other resources for drug-free sleep at night and power naps.  One that I like (and use) is pzizz.  A really interesting (free!) app for ios or android.  And no, I'm not a paid sponsor...I just find it handy.

So use the links above.  Get some rest.  You deserve it.

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