Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8. Active social life.

Last, but not least, in our list of 8 things you can do to improve your overall wellness is to lead an active social life.

As this article points out, if stress is the villain of the story, then an active social life is the hero.

An active social life has been shown to delay dementia, Alzheimers and other age related disorders.

Whether volunteering in your community, taking adult ed classes at a school, bowling, bingo, square dancing, joining a writer's or reader's group, it's good for you.

And no, I don't think playing farmville on facebook is quite what the researchers have been looking into...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

7. Reduce stress

We've written before about the value of optimism and meditation

It's long been known that some stress, acute stress, can be good for you.  

We evolved to run from giant predators.

But chronic stress, long term stress, is terrible for you. It accelerates aging, contributes to dementia and Alzheimer's, increases the severity of cardiovascular disease.

Eliminating chronic stress is one of the most successful methods you can adopt for increasing your overall health.

Exercise, meditation, gratitude practice:  there are a lot of mechanisms to help you deal with stress.  Find one that works for you.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ebola - should you worry?

The Ebola virus is incredibly virulent, killing 50-90% of those that have become infected. 

There's no vaccine and there's no cure.

Should you worry that we're bringing a patient back to the US?  This article suggests that no, the facility was built to contain diseases far more infectious than the Ebola virus.

Is this the worst known Ebola outbreak in history?  Yes, it appears to be...but I encourage you to browse this quick article about's not all doom and gloom.